When Raul and I were dating, he dumped me and took off to Mexico for vacation. OK, for starters, I actually didn't think I was dumbable. Secondly, was I so bad that he had to leave the country?! And lastly, he dumped me because (in his exact words), "I'm tired of combating with you." OK, it's been 11 years, I confess...I was combative & combat just doesn't fly with men of integrity. So he dumped me and fled....uh....left the country. I am so thankful he came to his senses and flew his butt back to Florida. And also thankful God was on our side, which always helps :) Anyway, I just want to say that life's so funny. I cried alot then, but as I'm writing this, Raul & I are laughing. Just like God, eh? He turns our mourning into dancing.

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1. Anonymous wrote:
Wow, my daughter was dumped by her fiancee 3 mth into engagement, 3 yrs in relationship,
he has lied about it (I'm confused), used us for money, etc, etc.. the worst: what he did
on Facebook, stating he has a new girlfriend, etc. etc...

I know God is in this mess, and he will pull her and me thru it but it is so sad when
people play on other's emotions.

Im trying to do the civil, christ-like thing, but as a mother, wow, it is very hard!

Heather Im so happy for you and your marriage, it was God's will, that's why it happened!

Thank you for sharing, but i dont what to share this w/my daughter cause I think God has
another ending for her story!

Thank you for your devotion in helping others with this blog.

April 5, 2011 @ 7:08 PM

2. Krissi wrote:
That is funny...now! How heartbreaking at the time, but that breaking did it's work. Thanks for being willing to share. New to reading the blog-I think through Leading & Loving It!

April 5, 2011 @ 10:09 PM

3. Bj Forwood wrote:
Sometime we need a bit of a kick in the butt - me too only it wasn't a dump she just loved all over me

April 7, 2011 @ 9:42 AM

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