A few years back, my son, DJ, was smashing (& destroying) his lil race car...the one that he proclaimed, "doesn't go fast anymore."  I motherly explained to him that some boys don't have any race cars & they'd be grateful to have just one. After this heartfelt chat, we briefly thought of how the slow race cars could be mailed to other children. But that was that & I went back in the house.  The next morning, I noticed the red flag was up on the mailbox which was odd because neither Raul or I had done that. When I opened the mailbox, I found not 1, but 3 race cars, waiting to be mailed (see pic).  DJ had done this.  Ya know, when our children have precious lil moments like these they melt me--not just as a mom, but as the kid of a Father who I know desires to have precious lil moments with us too.

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1. Teresa Rhodes wrote:
Huge smile! I found a treasure this week that was 18 years old. It was then that I suffered a miscarriage. My children who are now 27 & 25 had brought me breakfast in bed on the morning I lost my baby. Included, was a menu written in French. "Le Milk, et Le Water. Tre Le Cereal, Le Rasin Bran". This week, my daughter and her family were visiting P'cola from Michigan. With much excitement on Monday night, they announced they were almost 3 months pregnant. Sadly, on Thursday, they lost the baby. I was able to pass this "treasure" back to her.

Thanks for this post! It reminded me to smile today!

May 3, 2011 @ 9:20 AM

2. grandma wrote:
He has a heart of gold :)

May 3, 2011 @ 10:13 AM

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