OK, I'll 'fess...I've let myself order insecurity with a side of jealousy. It makes me sick & sad that it's a part of bad-Heather. But I gotta tell ya...I'm glad I've identified it. I would hate for the world to see this in me & me not see it in myself. How could God EVER deliver me from this nasty entree of destruction if I don't see it? The whole freakin' nation could be fasting & praying for my jealousy--but if I don't see it, I won't get rid of it. It's twisted, but I think we like to admit certain sins, as if they're glamorous--but jealousy isn't one of them. It's a rare day that I'll call someone & say, "Hey, FYI, I'm jealous of you." So if it's an ugly sin to confess, IMAGINE how liberating it is...when we do. If we're jealous, let's confess it & get that gunk outta our hearts & give God more space to shine!

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