In the morn, I spend time with God. I also use that time to confess.   I should confess daily because I screw up daily.  I'll let you in on a lil confession... A couple of times this week, in my thoughts, I boxed God into an authoritarian, disciplinarian role. I shut out (or made very little room for) Him as a God of mercy & compassion. I felt crappy in my spirit about that, so in my journal (pic'ed here) I confessed that to God. I told Him I was sorry & asked Him to forgive me for thinking about Him that way. And then, I asked Him to help--to teach me to see Him in His loving light. So there's my confession. I won't ask you to leave a comment with yours :) just wanted to share how I go about mine.

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1. wrote:
you are the apple of his eye ..so sweet the relationship you have with him :)

March 4, 2011 @ 9:16 AM

2. janette kerr wrote:
Friday when I did not pass 2 out of 8 sections on my subject area teaching exam I was mad..Mad @God b/c he knew I had studied since Dec & I felt comfortable enough to pass. I later had lunch w/some teachers who let me know many take the exam first to see what is on it/types of qstns [since Fl Dept of Ed doesn't endorse any materials out there to study & what I had studies was probably 5% of the exam. The 1st time is normally pd by the school & 2nd time by the teacher. Since I'm on leave of absence I'm paying for both. But now that I'm more 'in tuned' to the test taking strategies out there..I was left convicted & embarrassed. As I was driving home, I immediately asked God to forgive me...over & over..as if he had a hearing problem. We never know HIS plans; we just need to have faith!

March 6, 2011 @ 9:22 PM

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