When I was in college, my roommate & I hit the town one night. On our way home, my roomie (feeling the repercussions of a long night of bevaraging) lost control & projected vomit all over my dashboard, my passenger window & passenger door. But wait, there's more.  She had just pigged out on chicken salad & grape laffy-taffy. NAAAAAASTY! We got back to the dorm &--too tired to clean my car--left it. The next morning, I opened my car door & got bull-dozed by the most atrocious odor ever! Whats my point? It stinks when people barf all over.  When I was young & stupid, I thought "strong friendships" meant barfing every single honkin' drama all over my friends.  I've learned better.  People will never rid the odor, or clean the "barf" like Jesus does.  Jesus said, "Come to ME when you are weary" (Matt 11:28)  Perhaps the best thing we can do for ourselves is give ALL the barf to Christ before barfing on each other. After all, He's God, He can handle it. :)

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1. Lily Cuadra wrote:
Hi HeatHER,
What an awesome post !!! Great analogy as usual !!! This reminds me of my eating disorder days too. When we do not know what to do with our thoughts, feelings(fears, problems, insecurities) and don't ask for help from God, and those that love us and/or can provide professional support, many times we end up bottling up all our hurts inside. The more we bottle them up, the bigger they get until somewhere, somehow, we need to literally purge (i.e. BARF!!!) to get rid of the pain...then we are left with feelings of emptiness and shame that we try to fix and again fill or numb with the wrong things. It's our heart that is hungry for God, for love, for acceptance, for peace...

I loved he way you put it: "Perhaps the best thing we can do for ourselves is give ALL the barf to Christ before barfing on each other. After all, He's God, He can handle it. :)"

Thanks for your post and your great reminder.

Peace, hope and love,


PS: I am reading with my new glasses. Things are so much clearer today...I was looking at the world through old expired glasses that were not working anymore :)

May 15, 2011 @ 8:04 PM

2. Naomi wrote:
Heather! This was ur most disgusting, accurate post so far. Our best move is to cast all judgement aside (I found that I was my own worst critic) and give ALLLLLL of our shortfalls and fears to Him. Our friendly, local, on call physician. So hard to do. So Hard. But the love of the Mighty Father is a welcoming finish line when we do let go.

Thx for sharing your gift of writing :)

May 15, 2011 @ 9:42 PM

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